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USB Light Data Logger

Our new USB Light Logger is a specialized logger that is designed for use where visible must be measured and recorded. This Datalogger is an economical method to log and record light. It provides a low cost and easy way to record light, even when you are not there.

This new USB Datalogger is a light meter with a memory that has been designed to record light from 20 Lux up to 200000 Lux. The memory will hold between 7,000 light readings.

Light range: 20 Lux to 200,000 Lux
Size: 200mm x 55mm x 35mm
Button Start: Yes
Accuracy: 3%
Weight: 250g (inc battery)
Sample Rate: Program from 10sec to 24hours
Log Storage Size: 7,000 readings
Guarantee: 1 year
Housing Material: Polycarbonate


Price: $300.00

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