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USB 3 in 1 Light Data Logger

Our new USB 3 in 1 Light Data Logger is a specialized logger that is designed for use where a wide spectral range of light must be measured and recorded. This datalogger is an economical method to log and record light. It provides a low cost and easy way to record light, even when you are not there.

Wavelengths read are Solar Power 40-11100nm; Lux 320-390nm and UVA 320-390nm. This 3-in-1 Light Logger is a light meter with a memory that has been designed to record light from 20 Lux up to 200000 Lux. The memory will hold between 45,000 light readings.

The results can be downloaded onto your computer using the USB connector and the included software to allow for full analysis of the results.

Light Range: 20 Lux to 200000 Lux
Accuracy: 3%
Sample Rate: Program from 10sec to 24hours
Log Storage Size: 45,000 readings
Button Start: Yes
Weight: 250g (inc battery)
Guarantee: 1 year
Housing Material: Polycarbonate
Size: 200mm x 55mm x 35mm


Price: $980.00

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