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USB Temperature and Humidity Data Logger with Display

Our USB Temperature and Humidity Data Logger with Display is a humidity and temperature logger that is designed for use where both temperature and humidity must be measured. It is ideal for the monitoring of incubators, laboratory conditions and for both office and home environments. This is the perfect low cost instrument for the recording of both temperature and humidity.

The software to download and analyse results is included, meaning you don't have to purchase any additional accessories or software kits. There is also an onboard LCD screen for quick access to the current reading.

Temperature Range: -30°C to 85°C
Humidity Range 0.1% to 99.9%
Accuracy 0.6°C and 3% RH
Resolution 0.5°C and 0.5% RH
Size 137.5mm x 28.5mm x 10mm
Button Start Yes
Sample Rate Program: from 10sec to 24hours
Log Storage Size 16,000 readings
Housing Material Polycarbonate


Price: $110.00

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